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Interior Design can help during a life change

It’s so amazing that we get to help people through the many transitions in their life. Change is not always easy, so when our clients trust us to help ease them through their personal transformation, we feel so grateful to do what we do! Here, our amazing client transitioned from a large single family house into a 500 sq ft apartment. He is now able to live his new life in a way that fully represents and embodies who he truly is!!

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A change in your life

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Staging can use your own furniture and decor

Did you know we help homeowners prepare their property for sale and stage with their own items? Last week we had the pleasure of working with a lovely family to declutter and organize, while we rearranged, styled, and staged with their furniture and decor. We brought in a few accent pieces to add the finishing touch! Listed by @s.janho_criterion photos by @verticalreel

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Staging can use the homeowners furniture